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Viknesh Dairy Farm Pte Ltd (200309317H) is a leading Singapore's Local Farm and rooted in Hinduism values. As a family owned business from 2003, we strive to provide wholesome products, honest service and value to our customers. We produce pure organic fresh cow’s milk and we provide Cow and Calf services for House Warmings, Temple Prayers, and for auspicious days or occasions.

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Here you will find a wide range of healthy and fresh dairy products that were proudly produced at our farm by our farmers and cows.

Don't take our word for it


Can anyone imagine a cow farm in Singapore? Freshly milked daily? This beats them all in terms of freshness!




I do believe it's worth it . The taste is exceptional.

Marc Simon



This is really delicious.The Creamy fats just have that taste of real milky goodness!

Tan T. K



Wow! This tastes just like the old times. Gives me the kampong memories.

Lee S. T