By the narrow road of a busy lifestyle, there is a diversion at No 6, Lim Chu Kang, Lane 8a. Yes, it is our renowned Singapore’s Local Farm, Viknesh Dairy Farm Pte Ltd. We guarantee greeny filled countryside farm. The nature lovers will fall in love with deep bound with bovine and scenery. As a family-owned business, we deliver best rated fresh cow milk for Singapore since 2003.

With our deep-rooted Hinduism values, we strive to provide wholesome products, honest service, and value to our customers. We provide Cow and Calf services for House Warmings, Temple Prayers, and for auspicious days or occasions.


''If there is a time you can hear cows mooing,Goats bleating and roosters crowing, instead of horns blowing, is a true blessing.Being raised as a farm kid is the best life ever.''